ed mcnealHi, I'm Ed McNeal and I am proud to say that I serve as the Trainer for the Taylor Automotive Family. I've been with the Taylors for nearly 18 years and love the opportunities I have to contribute to our organization. I want you to know that I have been asked to contribute to our automotive family through writing. Once or twice a month I will write an article for our employees to read. It will focus on how to grow as an individual and as an organization. These articles are designed to support you and our core value of Personal Growth & Development.


Everyone in the world wears glasses. That's right, you read it correctly. Okay, adjust your glasses and I will say it in a slightly different way. 100% of the people you know all wear glasses. I will call them life lenses. You have them and so do I. As a matter of fact, you probably have a least a few pairs of life lenses. Life lenses provide the perspective by which we see all of the events of our life and the world around us. Let me give you a simple example.

Which of these statements best reflects your perspective on life most of the time?

  • Life is Cruel and Unfair
  • Life is Tough But Fair
  • Life is Opportunity

Depending on what answer in which you most identify will determine how you see the circumstances you encounter in life. If you see life as cruel and unfair, when you receive your performance review from your manager, you will take any critique in a negative light when it was actually intended to help you grow. Your life lenses may not even allow you to see the good in receiving critique. Even when you receive praise, a positive thing gets a negative twist. If your life lenses say life is cruel, here is a likely response from you:

"That's right, they better recognize how hard I work. They need to recognize a lot of other good things about me around here. If my boss would pay attention to me, he would see that I am a superstar!"

Someone that sees that life is tough but fair, might initially take critique from their boss as negative feedback, but after giving it some consideration may recognize the need to improve and seek to better himself. You get the idea here.

The truth is, the example I just provided is just one shade of the life lenses you wear. Other shades that color your life lenses might be: where you reside or grew-up, your religious beliefs, your political views and the socio-economical status (with who do you hang-out & your income status).

Also, depending on a single event or a series of circumstances you encounter, you may exchange your life lens for a pair that seems more suited to how your life if going. Personal Growth & Development starts with you realizing how you see and understand the world around you. So, which one of the three life perspectives provided in the three pairs of glasses best suit you? Be thinking about why you answered the way you did and I look forward to continuing this pursuit in my next article.

"Life lenses provide the perspective by which we see all of the events of our life and the world around us."

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