IMPROVING YOUR LIFE LENSES - The Second Step on Your Personal Growth & Development Journey

eye glassesWhy are you putting off your eye exam? You know how important it is for you to see clearly, don't you? Whether you have a benefits package or not, your vision is not something to take for granted. Seeing things as they are is based on your depth, scope and breadth perception. Better vision will allow you to see clearly so you do not unnecessarily bump into things that are right in front of you. But how would you like to broaden your vision, to see farther and more clearly? It is possible to have vision that not only allows you to see things as they are but to also see things as they ought to be or even as what they can be. Would you like that kind of deep insight? Then it's time to improve your life lenses.

In my first article, Starting A Personal Growth & Development Journey, I ask what life lenses you wear most often. I provided these three possibilities:

  • Life is Cruel & Unfair
  • Life is Tough But Fair
  • Life is Opportunity

Whichever life lenses you decide to wear, it will color the world around you. It will shape how we see the things that are around you. It is your perspective on life. It is important to realize that you choose which pair of lenses you want to wear (whether you do so consciously or subconsciously). You must pay attention to your mindset when we rise each morning for it is your mind that chooses the life lenses you will wear. I provide three examples above but there are many variations of life lenses you wear. But these articles are about you putting a plan in place to grow and to learn deliberately. This is about you being intentional in your pursuit to becoming a better you. Well your life lenses have everything to do with this. I want to show you how to begin to get stronger life lenses that enable you to see farther than you can now.

I want you to simply start trying on some different life lenses. If you are like most people, you have been wearing the same glasses most of your life. If you are reading this, I will assume you are open to trying on some other pairs of life glasses. So where do you get this new eyewear? It's all around you. You can buy a pair in many of your local stores or on-line. You may even be able to borrow a pair or two from a friend or mentor to see if you really like them. Here's what they look like - they look like books! That's right the new eyewear I want you try on your eyes is an actual book.

You read that correctly, I want to see how reading a good book will help you see more and more clearly. I am not talking about a romance novel or some fantasy football magazine. I am talking about a book that will challenge your current level of thinking, one that will stretch you and grow you. This is about deliberately choosing a book that will help you in a specific area of your life in which you want to grow.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • To become a better leader, read How Successful People Lead by John Maxwell
  • To become more personally accountable and thereby more dependable, read QBQ: the Question Behind the Question by John G. Miller
  • To be more creative, read Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon
  • To be more goals-driven, read Unstoppable: 45 Powerful Stories of Perseverance & Triumph from People Just Like You by Cynthia Kersey

I tried to pick a few books that are not lengthy in case you are just beginning this intentional pursuit to grow. Unstoppable is more lengthy than the others but it contains 45 different stories of which, each one is about 4-6 pages long. There are plenty of other subjects that you may pursue for growth. Choose your subject and conduct an on-line search. Then read the brief description of the book to see if it's a good fit for you. If you used to search for books for your growth and development but stopped, now is the time to get back to it. Whether you realize or not, the book you put before your eyes will begin to help you change the way you see things. Your life lenses will take on a different hue. Grab a good book and see its impact on you.

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